TMG represents and distributes a diverse line of equipment in water treatment. This page lists some of the more common items we work with in our discussions with engineers, end users and contractors. Click on any image to scroll through each item, complete with a description. If you have any questions, contact the TMG sales department by clicking the button or any image below.

TMG Built Skids/Panels
From simple wall-mounted panels to highly complex multi-pump floor skids, TMG has been fabricating custom products for over 35 years. We take pride in our quality and workmanship. Contact sales to schedule a visit to our Tacoma-based fab shop.
Diaphragm Pumps
ProMinent makes all sizes of diaphragm pumps, including:


In addition, Blue White manufactures a Double diaphragm pump.
Peristaltic Tube Pumps
Blue-White Peristaltic tube pumps, volume ranging from 0.1 gph - 158.5 gph. The M series pumps are NSF 61 certified and offer a five year warranty.

Blue White also makes diaphragm pumps and flow meters.
ProMinent Analyzers
ProMinent builds panel-mounted analyzer packages for water treatment, including free and total chlorine, fluoride, pH, ORP, PAA, and more. Their pre-packaged panels come pre-mounted on a poly backboard, pre-wired and pre-plumbed for a number of water treatment applications.
Pressure Filters
-Pressure Filters
-Ion Exchange
-Granular Activated Carbon
Chlorine On-Site Generation
Evoqua makes a full line of on-site generation systems, from 5 pounds of chlorine equivalent per day, up to 2,000 pounds/day.
Factory-Built Skids
ProMinent builds a huge assortment of custom floor skids, wall panels, etc, for a wide array of chemical systems. They also have an online systems library database available for engineers. Contact the sales team for more information.
Evoqua/W&T Analyzers
Evoqua makes a line of highly sophisticated chemical analyzers/controllers for water and wastewater treatment.
Gas Chlorination
Evoqua/Wallace & Tiernan has been manufacturing gas chlorination systems for over 100 years. From manual to fully automatic, W&T makes the best equipment on the market.
Peristaltic Hose Pumps
ProMinent makes a broad line of peristaltic hose pumps. The DFB (roller) series ranges from 31 gph - 337 gph. The DFC (roller) series ranges from 7.4 gpm - 106.4 gpm. The DFD series (shoe) ranges from 5.2 gpm - 160 gpm up to 232 psi.
Polymer Makedown
ProMinent ProMix systems have a 3-stage mixing chamber to provide an optimum polymer mix.
Poly Tanks
Peabody Manufacturing and Assmann make all shapes and sizes of single and double-wall chemical tanks and accessories.
Static Mixers
Westfall manufactures a broad line of static mixers, complete with injection ports.
Injection Quills
Saf-T-Flo is the premier maker of injection quills for every chemical application.
Wet Well Level Control
The FOGROD is a simple, yet very effective pump controller for wet wells. As a primary or backup form of control, the
Tablet Feeders
Arden Industries makes a simple, effective tablet feeder that utilizes Trichlor tablets, which have many advantages over cal hypo.
Induction Mixers
The Evoqua Water Champ is an industry standard for flash mixing chemicals in channels such as wastewater contact chambers.
Dilution Systems
Force Flow dilution systems make it easy and safe to automate the dilution of chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide.
Chemical Storage Scales
Force Flow and Scaletron make excellent scales to monitor gas and liquid chemicals to determine daily usage.
UV Systems
Evoqua makes medium pressure closed vessel UV systems for potable water applications.
Whether for sodium fluoride or other chemicals that require saturation, TMG can handle your needs.
Real Tech Water
Water quality monitoring solutions
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Gas Chlorination

Evoqua/Wallace & Tiernan has been manufacturing gas chlorination systems for over 100 years. From manual to fully automatic, W&T makes the best equipment on the market.

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