Tom and Mary Gazdik started TMG services in 1981, using the initials of their combined names to form the company name (we know... original, right?). Anyway,  the company was initially started to become a service contractor for Wallace & Tiernan chlorine gas equipment.  Since then, TMG has expanded the team on its way to  to becoming a manufacturer's representative, distributor, fabricator and authorized service center for a number of equipment manufacturers in water and wastewater. Though we help our customers generate, store, dilute, measure, feed, mix, control and inject many types of chemicals into their industrial and municipal systems, we like to say that...

Chlorination is our fixation!


Tom is the T (and the G) in TMG Services. He has been helping engineers and end-users specify, design, install and troubleshoot and repair chemical feed systems for 35+ years.  Tom loves to tinker, and someday he'll have our TMG demo trailer completed!

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Thomas Gazdik
Director of Operations
Sales - Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon & All Industrial 

Thomas wears many hats in the company. He is Director of Operations, which is a catch-all title for sales, service, parts... and anything else that needs to get done around here!

Email Thomas here   Cell: 253-606-4285

Brittany Apodaca
Inside Sales
Washington Municipal & All Industrial

Brittany is the QUEENBEE of our office. She recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary with TMG. She started in the parts and service department and has since made the big move to Inside Sales. She is our MVP and go to gal!  

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Jeff Harmon
Territory Manager
Washington Municipal Sales

Jeff started with TMG in 2015, and has been in outside sales ever since. He handles municipal sales in Washington State. He loves to read, travel with his wife, and spend lots of time with his grandchildren!

Email Jeff here   Cell: 253-686-7459

Joelene Dorry
Parts & Service Coordinator

Joelene is brand new to TMG. She is "immersing" herself in our business by reading up on TMG's products, answering calls, etc. Unlike what Becky thinks about herself, Joelene truly knows nothing about water/wastewater. Do not fret though... in no time at all, she will be helping our customers with enthusiasm and professionalism!    Email Joelene here

Mary Gazdik
Founder & Principal

Mary is the M (and the G) in TMG Services. She has been the company's resident office manager, Human Resources manager, and bookkeeper since way back when. If she isn't doing the books at TMG, she's spending time with her grandchildren.

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Brian Yarnell
Senior Technician
Serving all over creation

Brian is our resident technical guru. That's not his title, but it should be. He has been troubleshooting, repairing, and providing training on all sorts of equipment for 25+ years.

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Michael Lorey
Design & Fabrication
Here, There & Everywhere

Michael is our chief fabricator, and he also does most of the installs at customer facilities. If he comes to your site, be sure to ask him about his pride and joy Toyota Cressida collection. They are turbo charged rockets straight outta the 70s!

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Becky 1 Cropped.jpg
Becky Doolin
Inside Sales
Alaska/Idaho/Montana/Oregon Municipal 

Becky has been with TMG since August of 2018, and feels like she knows virtually nothing at this point. She answers the phone, and we're hoping to teach her how to use the email machine very soon! Actually... she's very smart and helpful!

Email Becky here

Bob Lithgow
Pretty much wherever he is needed

Bob was the owner and operator of Spokane Instruments for many years. He decided to join the TMG team in 2017. Bob won't talk your ear off... and he wouldn't EVER say this... but he's pretty good at what he does. 

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After 31 years of working in the drinking water business, I have found it’s far better to work with smaller companies like TMG. You get to know the company and the people better. By knowing and relying on the same service techs and office staff, they develop a history of your equipment and have a better understanding when something fails. You become one team that works together for failures, service and pricing of equipment. Thank You TMG for making my past working career successful. Myself and the City of Warrenton water customers Thank You  - Bob B.