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Warrenton, OR - On-Site Chlorine Generation System

Project Type: Equipment Upgrade

TMG Services decommissioned an old on-site  chlorine generation system and installed a new Evoqua/W&T OSEC B-Pak. The system consisted of a new skid- mounted 130 pounds/day on-site chlorine generation system.

American Water - Tolt WTF - Chemical Systems

Project Type: Problem Resolved/Issue Fixed

American Water runs the Tolt Treatment Facility for SPU. Their fluosilicic acid and ferric chloride systems were out of date and inefficient. They replaced their old metering pumps with ProMinent Delta and Sigma models.

2002 Ship Creek WTF.jpg
Ship Creek - AWWU - Pump Skids

Project Type: New/Upgrade

Description: TMG Services worked hand in hand with Norcoast Mechanical on the Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility Ship Creek Rehab Phase II Project.  TMG helped in the design build, and ultimately provided three sophisticated chemical metering pump skids with a mix of Blue-White MD-3 Double Diaphragm Pumps, Blue-White M Series Peristaltic Pumps and accessories.

Fruitland Mutual Water Co. - Compact On-Site System

Project Type: New Technology

Fruitland wanted to replace their bulk hypo chlorination system with a small, affordable on-site chlorine generation system. They were the first customer in the Pacific Northwest to install the new Evoqua/W&T OSEC L system. 

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